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For What It's Worth

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Buffalo Springfield
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For What It's Worth
John Einarson and Ritchie Furay
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A Timeless Body Of Work

For What It's Worth.John Einarson, Richie Furay

A revealing insiders look at an influential and groundbreaking rock group whose tremendous talents have gone on to achieve legendary status in the annals of rock music history. Besides chronicling the band's roots and career, the book offers rare and personal glimpses into several seminal music scenes, notably the Greenwich Village folk movement, the embryonic San Francisco scene, and LA's Sunset Strip along with a lesson in the pitfalls of the music industry. Written with founding member Richie Furay and including the insights, recollections and reflections of band members, managers, close friends, associates, and contemporaries, the book paints a unique portrait of one of rock music's most beloved groups. In addition, the book features over 50 photographs and memorabilia drawn from Richie Furay's personal archives as well as a variety of private collections

For What Its Worth.  Revised Edition 2004
Copper Square Publishers, 2004
Buffalo Springfield

For What It's Worth:
The Story of Buffalo Springfield
by John Einarson with Richie Furay
ISBN # 1-55082-184-9;
published by Quarry Press,
May 1997, distributed in
the USA by InBook; 310 pages,
over 50 rare photographs and memorabilia,
with a foreword by Richie Furay.

Buffalo Springfield [click for larger image]

Revised edition -
ISBN # 0-8154-1281-9;
published by Copper Square Publishers,
 July 2004; 328 pages

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all rights reserved